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Bring the world of travel into your home

Decorate your home with a personalised world map

What if you gave yourself an original and stylish wall decoration, representing the theme of travel?

Available in a variety of materials, whether in a sober style or very colourful, you choose the design of your map world and we make it to measure for you.

Ideal as a wedding or birthday gift or simply to give an identity to the interior decoration of your home or business, a multitude of possibilities are available to you.

For example, a decorative world map with a customised design or a wall map made up of souvenir photos.

What are the steps in creating your world map?

1. Control

Choose the personalised world map pack that suits your needs and order online.

2. Phone number

We will call you within 24 hours to discuss all the details of your world map and answer your questions.

3. Creation

Our World Map Designer will draw your project. As soon as you are 100% satisfied with the visual, we will create your world map.

4. Shipping

Your painting is delivered to your home. The delivery time can vary from one to several weeks, depending on your expectations and the urgency of the project.

Ocean Clean Up

Let's work together to clean up plastic from the oceans

Preserving the planet is one of our core values.

When you buy a Voyage Dans Le Temps world map, 5% of your purchase is donated to The Ocean Cleanup to help fund their project to clean up the 150 million tonnes of plastic waste in the oceans.

Our latest achievements

Custom world maps

100% personalised world map for travellers

Travel agency "Les Voyages de Marie"

Marie, a travel agency owner, wanted to show her clients the holiday destinations.

For the inauguration of her agency, she wanted to install an original wall decoration in the form of a giant planisphere in harmony with the colours of the interior.

Therefore, on this world map, the agency's logo is an integral part of the design, symbolising a strong brand image.

Finally, we have integrated 4 clocks giving the time of the time zones most used by its customers.

You can see Marie's video testimony on this page.

Support and specifications:

  • Size : 74,8 inches wide x 59 inches tall
  • Design Alu-dibond stand (thin 3 mm aluminium plate) offering intense colours.
  • High quality and quiet German clockwork
  • Stainless steel wall mountings

Unique world map for experienced globetrotters

An unforgettable birthday present

Carole is a globetrotter, she loves to travel the world with her backpack.

So, for her birthday, she decided to give herself a special gift: a personalised world map to remind her of all that her travels have brought her inside: what she has learned, what has forged her, what has given her confidence.

So, naturally, she asked us to create a wall map that represented her and made sense to her.

Carole's world map was created with a multitude of details regarding her travels. We worked meticulously on each graphic element, colour and destination visited to document her journeys around the world. 

To see Carole's video testimony, click here.

Support and specifications:

  • Size: 59 inches wide x 59 inches tall 
  • Material: a 3 mm thick Forex® board world map
  • Adhesive fasteners leave no marks when removed

I wanted something original for my birthday, to mark this year full of changes, to give me a gift that looks like me and that I will keep for a long time.
I wanted a piece of decoration that would fit perfectly into my interior, that would be personalised and authentic... A piece that would remind me of my travels, my experiences and the encounters that have made me who I am today.
My personalised world map really represents a lot of things, I'm delighted with it, it fits perfectly in my zen interior
Thank you Voyage Dans Le Temps for this superb personalised creation! You listened carefully to my wishes and I thank you.

Carole Touchard

Win a world map per month!

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Personalised world map

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Vintage world map wall decor

A vintage world map

A wall map in a globetrotter's house

Client's request:

As a souvenir of her many trips around the world, our client Corinne wanted a planisphere that would match the colours of her home.

After a telephone discussion with you, we used one of our maps from the Voyage Dans Le Temps collection as a basis for a precise colour design and personalised the world map to give it a unique wall decoration.

You can see Corinne's video testimony on this page.

Support and materials:

  • Size: 59 x 39.37 inches
  • Material: Forex® (thin panel for pinning on the countries visited)
  • Adhesive fasteners leave no marks when removed

This world map is a unique wall decoration made by Voyage Dans Le Temps. You can choose to have your world map made in Forex by selecting the "DELUXE" pack.

Odile Richer

A decorative world map with photos of travel souvenirs

A wall map for the editor of a travel blog

Client's request:

As part of a partnership with the blog Des Yeux Plus Grands Que Le Monde, we made this planisphere as a wall decoration for the office of Odile Richer, one of the blog's writers.

She had a very clear idea of the world map she wanted to create and we discussed all the details in our telephone conversation. 

Following this interview, our World Map Designer proposed a project to him, subject to a few modifications on his part...

From the colours to the symbolic graphic elements, from the photos of her travels around the world to the blog's logo, this unique creation reflects exactly the fruit of Odile's imagination.

Watch Odile's video testimony here.

Support and materials:

  • Size: 59 x 39.37 inches
  • Material: Painter's canvas on wooden frame ( Travel Legend pack)

This planisphere is a unique wall decoration made by Voyage Dans Le Temps.

Wooden world map 

For her husband's birthday, our customer Marine decided to give him a personalised wooden map of the world.

This wall planisphere is entirely handmade in a woodworking shop and then printed on a giant laser printer.

The wood is worked, polished, carefully assembled and then varnished with a suitable coating in order to give the world map a design and artisanal look.

It measures 150x100cm and is made in Belgium.

I had a very specific desire for this world map on wood (size, shape, colours, etc.) but I couldn't find it in the shops.... Until I got in touch with Voyage dans le Temps.

Alexis listened and respected all my wishes, and my world map is exactly the way I wanted it to be ! For the run-of-the mill woman like me who hasn't got a clue, he was also able to give me tips when I was hesitating on certain details, which added some flavour to this creation therefore it's unique! 

Thank you Alexis for your wonderful work, your availability and your kindness!

I'm really happy!

Get ready for more orders from me 🙂

Marine Bréart

Custom world map

Custom world map SOS Children's Villages

A map of the world representing all their partnerships in different countries for the non-governmental organisation

Client's request:

For the inauguration of a new village in France, our client wanted a world map in the image of the SOS Children's Villages association, which respected the colours, the partner countries in the world, the photos of the children, the association's logo and a personalised text (All the smiles in the world).

Support and materials:

  • Size: 59 x 39.37 inches
  • Material: Plexiglass
  • Stainless steel fasteners

This world map is a unique wall decoration made by Voyage Dans Le Temps for a special event. The names of the countries, continents, seas and oceans on this world map have been written in French. To make your own personalised world map in plexiglass, select the Travel Legend pack.

After being rushed into designing a world map for a special event, Alexis catered for our urgent need so that we received the card on time. The graphic designer sorted everything out, an elaborate card to spice everything up at the party, we were blown away ! He did great so we were made up. The travel map made for an excellent and unforgettable choice. I would definitely seek his expertise again if I had to order another personalised decoration item. Thank you for your help.

Inès Gomis-Maire

Communication Officer, SOS Children's Villages

Canvas world map on frame for travellers

Humorous map for a geographer with a passion for planispheres


For her geographer husband's birthday, Ingrid wanted to surprise him with an original and unique gift.

So, based on a small sample of a map with humorous annotations that her husband loved, we re-created a giant customised world map.

The client selected the symbolic city of London as her background and the colours of her planisphere were chosen according to her preferences and in line with her interior.

Note: a personalised world map should always be designed for the room in which it will be placed. We pay special attention to the colour scheme of the interior.

Support and specifications:

  • Size: 78.74 x 39.37 inches, thickness 1.57 inches
  • Material: painter's canvas (canvas stretched over a wooden frame). This material is a light support offering sublime colours which allows the visual to be directly mounted onto it. (1.57 inches thick). The canvas "stands out" from the wall.
  • Mounting: 2-point suspension at the rear of the frame

The founder of the Time Travel concept

Alexis de Keyser

Alexis De Keyzer is a creative entrepreneur and traveller.

After more than 25 countries visited and his experience in the creation of giant constructions, he now creates original custom-made decorative world maps for the greatest happiness of travellers.

"I wanted to offer a unique, beautiful and completely personalised object to travel enthusiasts".

World map for a wedding gift

An original wall decoration as a souvenir of a trip around the world

A couple travels around the world, decides to get married and creates an original wall decoration for their wedding

Customer 's request:

Travelling brides and grooms-to-be were organising their wedding on the world theme travel !

Therefore, they opted for a vintage travel décor and wanted to represent their seating plan through a giant vintage world map placed in the reception room.

They asked us to modify a card from the Voyage Dans Le Temps collection by writing their first names, the date of their wedding and adding a compass rose symbolising their love of sailing.

The Forex® holder of our "WEDDING" pack allowed them to pin pictures of their trip around the world to remind them of their world tour at home.

Support and specifications:

  • dimensions: 59 x 39.37 inches
  • Support: Forex® (lightweight foam board for pinning)
  • Printing: directly on the panel, exceptional colour rendering
Wall map of the world on wood

Wall map of the world on wood

A world map in travel-themed colours as a wall decoration 

Client's request:

To celebrate Father's Day, Laurie H. wanted to give her father, who had travelled around the world, a map of the world on a wooden palette with distinct colours for each continent.

We made a graphic illustration by taking account of the colours Laurie gave us and then created a piece of wood according to the desired size. The world map is printed directly on wood.

This world map is a unique wall decoration handmade in a wood workshop and available for customisation with the "Wood Lovers" pack


Custom metal world map

A map of the countries of the world without continents or countries around the theme of Africa

Client's request:

The winner of one of our competitions wanted to create a giant planisphere in 3 parts on the following themes:

  • Sunset
  • Africa
  • New Zealand
  • Colours in orange hues to match the colours of your living room

Support and specifications:

  • 3 printed aluminium panels (3 mm thick aluminium-dibond)
  • Size: 59 x 39.37 inches

This world map is a unique wall decoration made by Voyage Dans Le Temps and available for customisation by selecting the "Travel Legend" pack.

World map on the theme of Africa

After entering the Facebook contest, I was lucky enough to win this beautiful map of the world!

Alexis was so gracious and professional that he presented a project proposal to me !

My requirements were simple, a world map with an African setting and some details that recall New Zealand.

Upon receiving the first draft, I submitted some modifications and here is the final result! Not bad at all ! 😉

World map placed at home and perfectly in line with my interior!

Alexis is very professional, very attentive!

What else could you ask for such a crazy project?

Odile Deleau

Miniature world map

Customised world map Athletics

The smallest map of the world ever created!

The context: as a gift for her best friend who loves athletics, Sarah L. asked for a personalised map of the world with an athletics track background printed on... a key ring!

Because all requests are possible, Voyage Dans Le Temps has created a superb key ring for 15 years worth of friendship !

Support and specifications:

  • Aluminium key ring
  • Size: 1.37 x 1.57 inches

The request for the key ring was approved by Alexis even though it was not offered online.

Very good communication, with a fine art of listening

I am very happy with what he has achieved. Thank you to him and his colleagues.

Sarah L.